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Pain comes in many shapes and is a very subjective matter based on personal degrees of measurement. The impact of pain on an individual"s life and lifestyle can be debilitating. Because everyone"s pain level is unique to them, it becomes critical that a sufferer from pain monitors this on a regular basis.

Introducing PainMonitor
Traditionally a sufferer of chronic pain would log their pain records with pen and paper. We"ve created the PainMonitor App that allows a user to easily record and monitor their pain levels with a few simple taps on their iPhone. The PainMonitor enables you to not only log your records, but you can also track these from a historical standpoint as well as share this data with whomever you"d like.

Capturing Pain Records
With the PainMonitor we"ve made recording your pain entries easy. You are provided with an easy-to-use calendar to start your entry point. At a glance you can see the days you have recorded entries, edit older entries or add new ones. By tapping on any date on the calendar you are brought to the Day View where you can add/edit the following:

Time Stamp: The app automatically sets the time you record your pain.
Level of Pain: A simple slider allows you to record your scale of pain.
Pain Location: We have provided a graphical representation of the body where you can easily select where your pain is located.
Type of Pain: We"ve provided you with a well-rounded list of pain descriptions to choose from.
Associated Symptoms: Again we"ve provided you with a list to choose from.
Notes: You also have the ability to add any type of custom notation that you would like to associate to your record.

Charting Your Data
With the PainMonitor you can analyze the historical pain data that you"ve recorded. We"ve provided you with a daily, 7-Day, 30-Day and 90-Day graphed view of your entries. This view allows you to easily see how your pain levels are tracking over a period of time.

Sharing Your Data
Because these records are useful to share with your health care professional, we"ve provided a utility that enables you to email these records to whomever you want to share them with. You can share your last seven, thirty, or ninety days of data. We"ve also provided the ability to create a custom date range that enables you to select a specific range of dates with their associated records. Along with sending out a nicely formatted email, a CSV file will also be sent. This file can be imported into Excel for further formatting and analysis.

Levels of Customization
We"ve also provided an extra level of customization in the PainMonitor. We recognize everyone"s description of pain is unique, so we enable you to add and delete "Type of Pain" and "Associated Symptoms" records to fit your individual need. We also understand that your pain records may only change in severity from day to day. So we enable you to have the app save your most recent "Pain Location", "Pain Type" and "Associated Symptoms" so you don"t have to add these every time you enter a new record. Don"t worry this can easily be changed if you want to record these uniquely each time.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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